A Brief Work History

People deserve good software. My practice is grounded in stories of people and really frickin’ cool technology.

I sold my first software at the age of 15. It is unimaginable today for people to pay middle schoolers to write software, but I was lucky to get my start this way.

After a degree in electrical engineering, I got my first real job writing software at IBM. I enjoyed my time here but wanting to learn more about user interfaces, went back to school for HCI.

With school behind me, I joined Microsoft where I helped build Hotmail into and built mobile apps as part of the Office team. This was a formative part of my career, both in getting ramped up on sophisticated software development processes as well as building up skills in product management.

At the end of 2015, I started Echlo with Pete Turner. We built a platform for real-time location sharing, and shipped a social finding app. Trying to get Echlo off the ground was one of the hardest things I’ve done. It was such a dramatic difference from my career thus far and taught me a lot about the process of getting from zero to one.

I found my next adventure at Honeycomb, joining as one of the early employees and first product designer. The company had a stable of the smartest people I’ve ever known; working with them, we shaped the next generation of observability tools.

Around 2019, I joined Advanced MedTech as the first Head of Digital Experience. MedTech was going through a digitalization phase and I worked alongside the CEO to chart our journey. I was grateful for the opportunity to make an impact and the wonderful team who came along for the ride.

My Selected Portfolio

Other Projects