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Pulse helps ad hoc social event coordination through persistent sharing of availability and location in friend groups.

This project started on a whim - almost - on an observation that we have all these powerful GPS chips in our pockets yet it is impossible to sometimes find people. We wanted an app in our pocket that recreates the wonder of Marauders Map, and give us special powers to know where people we care about are at all times.

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pulse screenshot
pulse screenshot
pulse screenshot


These icons are designed to be simple yet understandable. Taking an object representation of the concept, I strived to use as many lines as needed and no more. Visually, balance is achieved by varying the line weights.



The inspiration for the Pulse logo comes from the idea of social circles, where we are constantly surrounded by people we love and care about.


Users in Pulse can share where they are right now with friends through links. We needed a landing page that succintly describes what the app does.

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