• Product management

Twist is a Microsoft garage project, a fun and expressive way to chat with friends and an attempt at building creative channels of communication. 2015-2016 (RIP)

Twist is a labor of love. This project started with an opportunity to explore communications in the photo space. The team wanted to explore if there are novel ways of helping users use photos to express themselves, and after generating and validating through tons of ideas, we settled on this one because of the excitement it generated inside and outside of the team.

We quickly pushed out a prototype and conducted lab studies to validate each step of the design process. The prototype received favorable reviews from our studies. I was involved in each step of the project, from generating the early ideas, throughout development and to the copy writing and naming of the project.

Twist launched at the end of 2015. Unfortunately amid the competitive landscape and a glut of social apps, it was difficult to find uptake within the audience. We failed to get the prerequisite amount of users and this experiment was closed down shortly after.

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