• Go to market factor, pt. 2

    There’s no other way around it, go to markets for new products are really hard.

  • Go to market factor

    The most crucial, if not the most important factor, in shipping any new product is the Go To Market strategy. In my years of shipping new products, I’ve observed that most failures happen not because of a lack of design, technology or other technical factors, but because no one knows how to bring the product to market.

  • Why Instagram Stories took users away from Snapchat

    A friend asked me this question earlier today, “why is Instagram Stories so successful in taking people away from Snapchat” and I thought it might be interesting to enumerate my answer in long form.

  • Meditations on Product Design

    This is a collection of unorganized thoughts on the current state of product design:

  • Less clicking, more doing

    I wrote a blog post for Honeycomb about how we think about designing the new navigation in the product.

  • Phyn

    This is a recent project of mine that I was pretty fond of: the brief was designing interactive animations for a water sensing/leak detection device. This device does not have any other visible feedback interfaces other that has a 13x3 matrix of RGB LEDs.

  • Humble UX

    We all started with the desire to make things right, and then we became ideologues.

  • Bundle of thoughts

    I gazed at myself in the mirror.

  • Frames

    Frames of memories

  • Amateur, once more

    Being an amateaur once more