• Why Instagram Stories took users away from Snapchat

    A friend asked me this question earlier today, “why is Instagram Stories so successful in taking people away from Snapchat” and I thought it might be interesting to enumerate my answer in long form.

  • Meditations on Product Design

    This is a collection of unorganized thoughts on the current state of product design:

  • Less clicking, more doing

    I wrote a blog post for Honeycomb about how we think about designing the new navigation in the product.

  • Phyn

    This is a recent project of mine that I was pretty fond of: the brief was designing interactive animations for a water sensing/leak detection device. This device does not have any other visible feedback interfaces other that has a 13x3 matrix of RGB LEDs.

  • Humble UX

    We all started with the desire to make things right, and then we became ideologues.

  • Bundle of thoughts

    I gazed at myself in the mirror.

  • Frames

    Frames of memories

  • Amateur, once more

    Being an amateaur once more

  • Art, technology

    Standing on the crossroads of art and technology.

  • Steve Jobs

    On the book, Steve Jobs