My name is Chong Han, a software designer and maker based in San Francisco, California (nice to meet you).

I am passionate about shipping excellent, usable, and delightful software that do good for people. As a medium, software come closest to our ideas, thoughts, and imagination in all of its infinitely malleable ways. When wielded correctly there are boundless potential to improve lives.

It is also the medium I feel most comfortable expressing myself in.

Over the past two decades, I’ve designed and built software for retail, communication, millennials, internet connected devices, augmented reality, healthcare and more. .

Before you ask, Chong as in Cheech & Chong and Han as in Han Solo. It sounds exactly like you imagine it to be.

Which Revision?

I regret to inform you that this is not the 5th revision of this website.

There were many iterations before this, and many more to come. When the domain was purchased way back when, the name reflected a combination of my favorite number (who even has that these days) and that I had difficulty making up my mind about the design.

These days, the moniker serves as a reminder that things are rarely great on first try and will take some amount of revisions and brewing to get there. If you think about it, 5 is a good number of iterations.

And thus, this version presented here is the fifth revision.


This website is made with simple ingredients: HTML, CSS and Markdown, all statically generated in Jekyll and self-hosted on AWS. This website contains no tracking scripts.

The design is type-forward and grid-driven with color ways inspired by sunsets and retrowaves. The type pairing here is Inter Tight and Bitter.